by Michael J. Shapiro | November 16, 2011

MeetingMetrics announced a new set of meeting performance tools last week, dubbed Event Performance Indices. The new service consists of post-event measurements and reports built into the MeetingMetrics survey and measurement platform. Meeting owners now can calculate six different scores related to meeting effectiveness and total cost. Among the new measurements are the Meeting Effectiveness Index, which captures a current meeting’s ability to deliver value to attendees; the Meeting Efficiency Score, which measures the cost of meeting effectiveness; and the Relative Effectiveness Score, which compares the meeting’s effectiveness to expected levels. More information is available at The EPI question set for the six indices will be available for licensee use by the end of this month, and several more indices will be introduced in 2012. A standalone EPI service will be available sometime in the first quarter next year to those who don’t already license MeetingMetrics.