by Michael J. Shapiro | May 26, 2015
According to a survey of 842 meeting planners by technology provider Cvent, the Millennial generation (18- to 34-year-olds) is more interested in transactional experiences such as cost and booking than personal interactions involved with hotel sourcing. Millennials cited cost as the most influential factor when sourcing a meeting location, while Gen X planners and baby boomers most often named venue customer service as the biggest influencer. A 3- to 5-percent discount would convince as many as 17 percent of the youngest generation to take their second-choice venue over their first. However, 22 percent of Millennials would make the same switch based on customer service, and 20 percent would do so based on the venue size and adequacy of space. Millennials are 37 percent less likely to source directly through a venue than their older counterparts, instead relying on a sourcing and booking platforms. They also are 25 percent more likely than older planners to name negotiations as the most difficult part of sourcing a venue, and 50 percent more likely to say social media and blogs are highly influential in their venue evaluations. The findings have been compiled in Cvent's 2015 Planner Sourcing Report, which can be found here.