by Michael J. Shapiro | November 26, 2014
Poken -- a gadget and online platform that can be used for networking, document storage, and lead retrieval at conferences and trade shows -- introduced new features last week, known as Super and Real-Time Touch Points. The Super Touch Point is a digital sticker that exhibitors place at their booths; attendees with a Poken device simply touch the Poken to the sticker, and relevant digital materials are automatically transferred to that attendee's online account. The USB-enabled Poken device later can be used to launch the online account from a computer in order to access or share the information, or the attendee can simply sign into that account via an Internet browser. The Real-Time Touch Point has the same features of the Super Touch Point, plus the ability to capture and upload information in real time, for the purposes of session check-in or tracking attendance. Poken devices rely on near-field communication to share information; the Real-Time Touch Point incorporates beacon technology to capture the location-based information required to track attendance. Attendees also can use Poken devices to exchange contact information, merely by touching the devices together. Poken, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Palo Alto, Calif., opened a New York City office this month.