by Michael J. Shapiro | January 16, 2013

 The Virtual Edge Institute, which has aimed to educate the industry in the ways of virtual and hybrid meeting technology and processes, is obtaining the engage365 brand, website, membership and community from the event community-platform provider Pathable. VEI will combine its content, membership and audience under the engage365 brand, shifting its focus somewhat from the nuts and bolts of digital production to education and community engagement through use of technology. Donna Sanford, who has long worked with VEI, had been serving as the community director of the engage365 site. "With the technology available today around mobile, digital events, collaboration, communities and social media, the question is not if we can do it but how will we do it," said Sanford. "Technology is going to take a backseat to innovation and creativity. We are mostly in uncharted waters here." The engage365 site will continue to run on the Pathable platform.