by Michael J. Shapiro | April 06, 2018
Event location-mapping tech provider ExpoCAD will soon debut a new event security tool. Fueled by the company's floor-plan technology, Emergency Location Interactive, or ELI, is available to all event organizers, regardless of whether they're already using ExpoCAD for general mapping purposes. The tool uses SMS text technology to communicate specific incident locations to designated first responders, show managers and security officers.
Using ELI alerts, designated teams can communicate instantly to pinpoint and share a security incident's location, updated in real time on ExpoCAD maps, and save valuable time. The tech works in any venue, indoors or out, and can include areas such as loading docks, classrooms, hallways, parking lots, lobbies and the like. 
In any crisis -- be it a fire, medical emergency, active shooter, suspicious package or any other issue -- ELI provides a discreet, nonverbal communication platform that cannot be intercepted by other types of radios and frequencies or scanners. It operates using standard smartphones and mobile browsers, and is accessed only by parties on a predefined emergency-contact list. 
First announced in November, ELI is set to deploy at conferences next month. The patent-pending technology currently is being reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security for approval.