by Loren G. Edelstein | June 09, 2015
Dramatic video of brazen thieves stealing laptops and suitcases from meeting rooms was part of a highly informative presentation by Los Angeles Police Department detective Kevin Coffey this morning at M&C Global Interact. The hosted-buyer event began Sunday at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Resort & Spa in Mexico. Among precautions meeting planners should take, said Coffey, are using free websites to track crime statistics in meeting destinations, and having advance plans for how to handle incidents such as stolen laptops, wallets and passports. In site inspections, he advised asking about Wi-Fi security, the type of guest-room door locks used (as some can easily be overridden by criminals), and how safe are guest-room safes (and whether a system is in place that can reveal who opened them and how). Coffey's presentation detailed the many ways travelers are vulnerable to theft, even in airplanes and hotel lobbies. Coffey's website at provides a wealth of information and precautionary advice for planners and travelers.