by Sarah J.F. Braley and Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 06, 2013
• New York voters approved a proposal to expand casino gambling in the state as part of a plan meant to generate jobs and boost tourism. The proposal calls for as many as seven Las Vegas-style casino resorts to be built, beginning with four upstate.
• In Massachusetts, two possible casino projects -- one at Suffolk Downs in East Boston and the other a Mohegan Sun proposal in Palmer -- were voted down in local referendums. In October, Caesars Entertainment pulled out of the Suffolk Downs development, perhaps sealing its election-day result. Mohegan Sun officials are asking for a recount of the Western Massachusetts town's ballots, as its project lost by just 93 votes.
• In Texas, voters rejected a referendum that would have authorized up to $217 million in bonds to turn the Houston Astrodome into a large convention center. The failure of the measure means the stadium, once called the eighth wonder of the world, probably will be demolished.