by Sarah J.F. Braley | November 10, 2010

 U.S. organizations are spending more on travel this year than in 2009, according to the Runzheimer Business Travel Policies and Costs study. Representing data from 71 organizations across the country, the study shows that nearly half (49 percent) are increasing travel expenses in 2010. To control travel costs, most respondents are encouraging the use of preferred vendors (88 percent); 75 percent also encourage the use of travel alternatives, such as web-, audio- or videoconferencing. Almost three-quarters (72 percent) reported reducing attendance at off-site meetings to control travel costs. The survey also shows that the average domestic trip now costs $983, an increase of 5 percent from 2008. Annual direct spend per traveler is $10,475, up from $9,751 in 2009 but lower than the $10,740 spent per traveler per year in 2008. The full report can be found here.