by Loren G. Edelstein | December 07, 2011

The new year will pose "unprecendented challenges and risks for organizations and those tasked with ensuring employee safety," warned a dire report released yesterday by iJET, the global provider of intelligence and business resiliency services. "Needless to say, 2011 was a difficult year for many companies operating at home and abroad," said Bruce McIndoe, president of Annapolis, Md.-based iJET. "The Arab Spring, the continuing global economic crisis, terrorist attacks on multiple continents, and an array of natural disasters are examples of events that have deeply impacted many organizations' global operations. In 2012, these threats will continue and, over time, increase in frequency and severity."

Added Steve Hoffman, iJET's CEO, "As seen in the disastrous aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, there is no substitute for contingency planning. A natural disaster or political uprising can change a country and its business landscape instantaneously. For this reason, organizations must continually monitor the environment for indicators and signals of change in order to better manage that change." For highlights of the forecast and key recommendations, go here.