by Kaylee Hultgren | May 01, 2008

John Resnick“What’s fun about my job is that there isn’t really a typical day.” --Resnick (left) with Marky Ramone

When the 420-room Hard Rock Hotel San Diego opened last October, a rather unconventional staff position was created: the hotel “vibe manager.” The first to hold the post is 25-year-old John Resnick, a graduate of Ithaca, N.Y.-based Cornell University’s hospitality management program.

Describe your typical day. What’s fun about my job is that there isn’t really a typical day. I could be planning our next concert, creating custom playlists for an in-house group, giving cool memorabilia tours or hosting VIPs.

What other positions have you held? My first job was as a waiter at a Johnny Rockets restaurant. Since then, they’ve run the gamut from bartender to regional manager of more than 1,600 apartments on the East Coast.

How did you get the job? After I got my master’s degree, I was lucky enough to land an internship while the hotel was under construction. After meeting some of the folks involved, I decided this was the place for me. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual.

What advice would you give to those seeking creative positions like yours? Never settle for a job you don’t absolutely love. If you have a passion for creativity, then get creative. The right jobs are out there; you just need to find them. Oh, and a little luck never hurts.