by Terence Baker | August 01, 2004

Kenneth Jones, CMP"The Rolling Stones are fabulous,
but do they help get
your message across?"

Kenneth Jones, CMP, is business development manager for Atlanta-based event firm Aspen Productions ( A native of Newmarket, Ireland, Jones also has worked in the hotel and food-sales industries.

What does your company do? Mainly, we are involved in product promotion and brand strategy, as well as some incentive work.

Has your business changed lately? Budgets have shrunk, but demand has increased, which means working harder with less money and shorter timelines. And where there is money, it is spent wisely. Yes, the Rolling Stones are fabulous, but do they help get your message across?

Describe a recent event of which you’re especially proud. We launched a new boat motor at an event attended by 800 or so dealers. We converted a ballroom into an underwater world complete with a gigantic faux clamshell that opened by hydraulic pumps. Inside was a screen showing a cartoon animation of two fish discussing the product.

How do you spend your leisure time? I recently climbed 19,335-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. I wanted to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile, a children’s charity that repairs facial deformities, mainly in Third World countries. Some friends and I self-funded the trip. The climb was tough, with bad weather and altitude sickness, but we reached the summit on Christmas morning. My next feat, for the same charity, is to run seven marathons in seven days in the Amazon.