by Terence Baker | July 01, 2006

Jayne KurylukThe role members’ faith plays in their jobs varies with who they work for.

Jayne Kuryluk is director of the Westminster, Colo.-based Christian Meetings & Conventions Association (, a five-year-old organization with 650 members. Kuryluk was born in Calgary, Alberta, and moved to the United States when she was 3 years old.

How was the association formed? Several original members desired a community in order to build relationships with other planners who share their faith. We started out with a reception for 35 people. The association crosses all Christian denominations, and membership is definitely growing. At our convention this past spring, some 200 mem-bers attended.

What are your plans to grow the association? We’ve grown mostly by word of mouth. We hope to do two shows per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Do your members’ beliefs play an active role in their professional lives? We have meeting planners who work for Christian organizations and secular companies. We ask that our members believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we do not care who they work for. The role members’ faith plays in their jobs varies with who they work for.

Have you always been a meeting planner? No, I started in accounting. I worked for a denomination headquarters in Denver as director of finance. As part of that job, I organized national conventions, and I combined these roles for 18 years before joining with a few others to start the CMCA.