by Loren G. Edelstein | July 01, 2011

Are You Always on Duty?

M&C asked 129 meeting planners: In which of the following scenarios have you responded to a work-related message? The results:

At the supermarket 75%
During a doctor/dentist visit 63%
In the rest room 33%
During a movie/play/concert/recital 30%
While exercising 28%
During an intimate moment with significant other 5%

Other fill-in responses:
• When urgent
• My father's funeral
• On vacation with spouse
• At the airport and on vacation
• No BlackBerry = no interruptions
• None of the above
• While on a chill-out walk
• In the evening and late at night, at band rehearsal, while shopping and while visiting friends. The only reason I can't respond during exercising is because the gym doesn't have cell phone service!! I do get calls and e-mails while I'm golfing.
• While watching TV.
• While at dinner/drinks
• I don't typically do any of these unless there's an emergency and it must be done.
• Boating, vacation, fishing
• While commuting to/from work
• When I go out to lunch during the work week
• Vacations, some weekends while at kids' events
• I wait until it's convenient and appropriate.
• All of the above and then some....
• Only once, when I had international people coming in
• At home, but usually does not require immediate answer
• When traveling or out of the office on business
• At social gatherings, birthday parties, etc.
• Whenever I choose it to be a good time
• At kids' schools
• I stepped down from a management position late last year and no longer respond to work-related messages during any of the situations listed.
• Commuting on the train, and while at home during off-hours
• While driving to a personal appointment
• At social activities, on vacation, basically everywhere, because my work e-mail comes to my iPhone
• How about when I'm at work?

See the rest of the survey here.