by By Loren G. Edelstein | December 01, 2010

Bed Being NLR chartThe fear is not unfounded: Nearly one in 10 planners already has had bedbugs affect a meeting, according to the 208 respondents to a recent M&C Research poll. Fully 87 percent are extremely or somewhat concerned about the latest scourge to hit hotels and venues (and the media). For 42 percent, site visits now include a visual inspection for evidence of bedbugs, and 29 percent have begun to routinely ask properties whether they're prepared to ward off a potential infestation.

Concerns could lead to more in-person site inspections. Already, 14 percent say the rise in bedbug reports has prompted them to see for themselves before selecting a property, and another 56 percent are weighing the need to do so. (For our legal expert's take on how planners should be tackling this problem, see The Law & the Planner:  Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite.)  


What If NLR chart 

9% have dealt with bedbug infestations at their meetings.

9% have personally experienced the pests in their own travels.

admit that they troll TripAdvisor and other websites
for reports of bedbugs at specific properties.

13% are not at all concerned about the possibility of bedbugs at meeting hotels or venues.


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