by By Loren G. Edelstein | November 30, 2009

1209NLR Hanging On and Reduced RanksThe economy might be improving, but many meeting planners still are concerned about their jobs, reveals a recent survey by M&C Research. Of the 128 respondents, only 18 percent feel very secure in their current positions, down from 25 percent when M&C asked the same question a year ago. The majority, 48 percent, report feeling somewhat secure, while one-third are either not very secure or extremely insecure.

While 14 percent of those polled are actively on the job hunt, another 48 percent say they're open to new opportunities and 38 percent are planning to stay put.

Seventy-four percent of survey respondents expect to be holding the same job a year from now, down slightly from 79 percent the previous year.

Of the 62 percent whose organizations had layoffs this year, 39 percent saw cuts in the meetings department. Not surprisingly, 80 percent of those planners remaining have been asked to take on new responsibilities over the past year.

Workplace morale is mixed: 35 percent still find the mood extremely or somewhat positive, while another 38 percent find morale somewhat or extremely low.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of meeting planners are taking additional measures to prove their bottom-line value to their organizations. Just 7 percent aren't doing anything new in this regard, and 1 percent are doing nothing at all to demonstrate their worth to higher-ups.

Stress is prevalent, too, with 30 percent reporting a high level of burnout. For a related article in this issue, see “Coping With Burnout".


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