by Loren G. Edelstein | February 01, 2012

Newsline Research Feb 2012 pie chartsDaily messages number in the hundreds per day for nearly half of meeting professionals. How do they manage the deluge? One popular tactic is deleting a slew of them unopened. But that can backfire: Only 21 percent of 132 respondents to a recent M&C Research poll claim they never accidentally trash important e-mails during their deleting sprees. Just 27 percent often unsubscribe from e-mail lists that are not relevant to them.           

18% of meeting professionals describe themselves as "inundated, unorganized and stressed" by e-mail.

70% continuously check their e-mail via computer and/or smartphone.

21% receive more than 200 e-mails per day at work.

21% say their inbox management practices keep their e-mail well under control.  


 Newsline Research Feb 2012 data chart

               Newsline Research Feb 2012 lower data chart