by Loren G. Edelstein | June 01, 2012
Newsline Research June 2012 pie column chartThe General Services Administration's meetings scandal has more than half of planners worried about how the fallout will affect their jobs, according to a recent M&C poll. GSA employees logged about 100 individual trips to Las Vegas in advance of a 300-attendee meeting held last October; of the 129 respondents, 82 percent said they would send one or two employees for one to two visits before a meeting of the same size. The majority (64 percent) think the meetings industry, by nature, is prone to abuses by planners. Comps and freebies are prevalent, but 59 percent claim they accept such perks only when relevant to potential business. More than two-thirds think industry associations should be more involved in establishing and enforcing ethics guidelines. For verbatim comments, visit

Newsline Research June 2012 slide bar chart

68% believe meetings industry associations should do more to establish and enforce ethics guidelines.

57% are somewhat or very concerned about negative fallout from the GSA scandal affecting their jobs.

87% believe the consumer media portrays the meetings industry unfairly.

34% of planners said that if an industry association organized a meeting with members of congress, they would make every effort to attend. 

47% of organizations have an ethics policy that specifically addresses meetings.