by Loren G. Edelstein | November 01, 2011

This month's News Research poll asked meeting professionals to share their concerns about germs. Here's what they do when traveling.

Anxious air passengers
Which of the following precautions do you take in flight?
Use hand sanitizer frequently 49%
Avoid touching face/mouth/nose 43%
Avoid using the restroom 23%
Avoid touching magazines/safety information 16%
Clean seatbelts/arm rests/tray table 14%
Wear face mask 0%
None of the above 31%

• Wash hands regularly
• Avoid toilet knobs
• Wipe down folding tray, TV remote, and absolutely will not use the hand-out headphones. Just because they are in a plastic bag doesn't mean they were cleaned.
• I am trying to remember to start using hand sanitizer often while on the plane.
• Take vitamin mix before boarding and drink lots and lots of water
• Make sure the air vent is not blowing on me
• Pray

Cautious guests
Do you do any of the following when checking into a hotel room?
Wash or avoid drinking glasses 52%
Remove the bedspread 42%
Clean the TV remote control 32%
Refuse to take a bath 26%
Clean in-room phone 19%
Clean toilet seat/handles 19%
Clean doorknobs/door handles 16%
Clean light switches 13%
Clean sink faucet/fixtures 12%
Clean the tub before taking a bath 9%
Clean shower before using 7%
None of the above 25%

• Check for bedbugs
• Use Lysol/disinfectant to spray all of the above except the glasses
• Check the bedding
• Use hand wipes
• Never step on bathroom tiles; always use a mat or towel
• Turn down bedspread, look for bedbugs, don't walk on floor without shoes of some sort
• I do not put my luggage on the bed EVER anymore -- that is because of bedbugs -- but they're germy aren't they?
• Bring small can of Lysol with me, spray down the restroom
• NEVER use the coffee maker
• Stay in reputable hotels with full-time cleaning staff; wash my hands
• Pray