by Loren G. Edelstein | February 01, 2015

Most meeting planners (72 percent) use online tools to send hotels RFPs. Of the 137 respondents to this month's M&C poll, fewer than half find the process "extremely helpful." How could it be improved? High on the wish list is a timely response -- even if the answer is no. Read more verbatim comments at

Do you use electronic RFPs to select hotels for your meetings?

25% Yes, always

47% Yes, sometimes

28% No


After submitting an eRFP, when do you expect to receive a proposal?

How often do you get a timely response to your eRFPs?

8% Always

50% Usually

33% Sometimes

8% Rarely

1% Never

To what extent has the eRFP process been helpful to you?

46% Extremely helpful

38% Somewhat helpful

15% Not very helpful

1% Not at all helpful

For what size meetings do you use online RFPs?

34% 10 room nights or fewer

55% 11-20 room nights

65% 21-50 room nights

66% 51-100 room nights

66% More than 100 room nights

Do you make sure a property meets your needs before sending an eRFP?

44% Always

39% Usually

17% Sometimes

0% Rarely

0% Never

Source: M&C Research survey of 137 meeting professionals   

ILLUSTRATIONS: Istockphoto (folder) pacondryx; (watch) bookal