by By Sarah J.F. Braley | November 01, 2010

Duty Calls chartFor the past two years, M&C has surveyed meeting planners about how the economy has affected their jobs, and our latest survey finds some cause for cautious optimism. In an online survey of 112 planners conducted in October, 57 percent of respondents reported that layoffs took place in their organizations this year, a drop of five percentage points from last year. Of those, 29 percent saw layoffs hit the meetings department, down from 39 percent whose departments faced cuts in 2009.

On the Hunt chartSeventy percent of respondents feel very or somewhat secure in their jobs, up moderately from 66 percent in 2009.

Still, most meeting planners are actively trying to prove their worth to their organizations; 87 percent are either aggressively or to some extent taking measures to underscore their value. Just 3 percent are taking no such measures.

A vast majority of the sample, 84 percent, have been asked to assume additional responsibilities this year.

Eighteen percent of those surveyed actively are looking to change jobs, up four percentage points from last year, and 66 percent expect to be in the same job a year from now, down eight points from 2009.




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