by Loren G. Edelstein | July 01, 2016
M&C's July 2016 survey asked meeting professionals how they feel about work-related travel. In addition to the findings, many took the time to add comments. Here's a sampling of what they said. 

What do you find extremely bothersome about air travel?
• Having to be at the airport two hours before a flight takes off. Plus, poor communication from the airlines when they cancel or delay flights, even when you sign up for their alerts!
• The security process itself
• Declining array of choices as the airline industry consolidates
• Lack of direct flights or nonstop flights!
• Between rude TSA and gate agents, it is more like a glorified bus ride at this point. They don't care how long they hold you up or if you are late for anything that may happen in your life. I also seem to get on the flights that park at the gate furthest from the entrance. And forget connecting flights -- you are lucky to make them, and the agents are rarely helpful.
• Airlines no longer feel "responsible" for their flyers. There is no care or assistance. It almost seems a burden to help or pay attention to passengers.
• I don't fly, I drive.
• Airlines are nickel-and-diming their most valuable customers -- business travelers -- more and more because they feel/think that we have no other choice to turn to.
• Not enough leg room and rules barring passengers from using the restroom in front of plane, so a dozen people are always lined up in the aisle waiting for one of the two restrooms the passengers in "steerage" are allowed to use
• Inexperienced travelers in the pre-check line
• DELAYS! How could you not list delays!!? Ugh!
• Unfriendly airport WiFi policies (e.g., having to watch ads to access WiFi)
• Stupid boarding practices. People at windows should board first (along with family members next to them), then the middle seats and then the aisle seats. One airline does this, but I cannot remember which one.
• Airline change/cancellation fees
• Blue-tinged passenger lighting makes passengers irritated, tires the eyes and keeps adjoining passengers from sleeping.
• Being charged for checking luggage, which creates all of the hassles for overhead space and causes the long security lines
• Change fees are extremely frustrating, hence why I try to fly Southwest whenever I can.
• Lost luggage
• The security is wrong. The pre-screen is often not being used by TSA. The only way I will travel by air now is when I am the pilot flying myself. TSA is incompetent and intrusive.
• Attitude at altitude
• Airport parking

What do you particularly enjoy about hotel stays? 
• I hate it. Strange surroundings
• Change of scenery
• Refrigerators in rooms, free WiFi
• A reprieve from household chores
• Ability to see other places, locals, etc.
• The discovery of a new space, though the trend to eliminate desks is bad for biz travelers. It is also a shame that hotels do not recycle bottles and papers. It's easy to add a second basket and a second bin to the housekeeping cart, but yet they want me to use the same towels for days, for sustainability, and they can't be bothered recycling plastic bottles/cans and newspapers. Strange, isn't it?
• In-room fridge/microwave (due to food sensitivities)
• The people I interact with
• Complaint: Rooms are never cold enough for me. Hate when the air cuts off or is noisy. Luxury: My doggie is not there taking up most of my side of the bed! Freedom!
• Beautifully landscaped properties to explore
• Experiencing something new
• Bathroom to myself
• No cooking, no dishes...just quiet
• The differences in what they offer or the small details within the rooms, such as USB ports for charging
• Proximity to workout room (don't have to drive to gym)
• Quality of high-end hotel room and amenities
• Location, condition of hotel, meeting salespeople, seeing the property, seeing the area it is located in
• Availability of spa/gym, little "extras"
• Good shower/bath water pressure
• Bubble baths/soaking tubs

What are you glad to escape when you're on the road?
• Nothing, I just hate traveling.
• Being in the office
• Nothing -- I don't travel on business to escape.
• I miss my wife and the dog, and it's all there when you get home, so I really don't miss it because generally there is more to do when you get home.
• Weather back home in D.C.
• Work travel is not an escape, just getting behind on daily work and projects
• Business hassles
• Responsibilities in general, but more so not being in the office
• I don't have anything that I am glad to escape.

What do you miss most when traveling?
• Being with friends.
• Co-workers, my local newspapers and good radio stations -- usually in short supply on the road
• Fridge for my Diet Coke
• My 95-year-old mother-in-law
• I miss the "predictability" of my normal routine of organized chaos. :-) There's a sense of comfort in the predictability. It may be an oxymoron, missing the norm yet welcoming the escape. I guess I can't live with it and can't live without it...LOL!
• Access to everything in my office
• My own bed/linens/pillow