by By Michael J. Shapiro | June 01, 2009

NLR0609 FutureWhat a difference a year and a half can make. While a November 2007 M&C survey indicated fairly emphatically that meeting planners were not using Web 2.0 or social-networking tools for work, an M&C survey conducted this April revealed that such sites have wormed their way into planners' hearts.

Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of 141 respondents have either used social networking tools or were planning to this year to market their meetings or events. That's a huge leap from our 2007 survey, when 94 percent of respondents said they didn't use networking sites for event-related tasks.

Among those who have used such sites for meeting planning purposes, Facebook is the most popular (74 percent), followed by LinkedIn (66 percent) and Twitter (56 percent). More than one-third (36 percent) have launched a blog to market events. Only 20 percent of respondents aren't sure to what extent networking sites will play a larger role in their event planning (compared with 65 percent in the 2007 survey).

Fewer than half of respondents (42 percent) don't intend to tweet for work.


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