by Loren G. Edelstein | November 01, 2012
M&C recently asked meeting professionals to tell us their biggest pet peeves when it comes to communicating with suppliers. (See the full survey results at here) Beyond the multiple-choice options provided in our survey, many of the 242 respondents felt compelled to mention a few more. Here's a sampling of their additional gripes.

• They call. E-mails are all I respond to, and I don't even pick up the phone anymore.
• They only talk about themselves instead of finding out what I need.
• They don't do a bit of research on what we do/where we exhibit.
• They get my name wrong.
• They contact my employees if they don't get through to me.
• They don't take time to understand my company before calling.
• They add me to e-mail newsletters without my permission.
• They're rude and too aggressive.
• They contact my stakeholders and name drop.
• Some don't make note in their records that I am not in their niche, and they continue calling.
• They contact everyone on our team.
• The sell my name on lists.
• My situation is quite different. I only have limited venues and know where they are. It is frustrating when I sent out an RFP and get calls from two dozen other that I have no interest in.
• I think it is deplorable how much money suppliers spend on mailing fancy print pieces. It represents poor stewardship to me, and it's not earth-friendly.