by Loren G. Edelstein | December 01, 2011
Ninety percent of meeting professionals now have smartphones and/or tablet computers -- and many are admittedly app happy. Of those with such devices, 98 percent have downloaded apps, according to a recent survey by M&C Research. Of those, 60 percent use them constantly.


NLR Counting Up pie chart

When asked to name their favorites in key categories, some clear winners emerged. For travel, planners love TripIt, TripAdvisor and Kayak. Angry Birds swept the games category, followed by Words With Friends. For music, planners overwhelmingly favor Pandora. Facebook is the top social media app, cited by nearly all respondents.        
NLR Usage Report pie chart

90% of meeting professionals have smartphones and/or iPads or other tablet computers.

98% have downloaded apps to their devices.

62% use their apps constantly throughout the day.

55% use apps for travel-related services.

19% have more than 50 apps.



Source: M&C Research survey of 124 meeting professionals