by Sarah J.F. Braley | November 01, 2008

sharingIn these hard economic times, smart planners keep a running record of how they are saving money for their organizations. An online survey gauged just what M&C's readers are counting to demonstrate their value.

Of the 115 respondents, 51 percent track savings for all their meetings, and 31 percent do so for just their key meetings. Aside from determining hotel savings via methods detailed in the "On Property" chart below, planners evaluate savings from other hotel concessions, such as suite upgrades, discounted F&B, free Internet and the like.

Interestingly, when those surveyed were asked how often they show their  findings to their bosses and/or clients (see "Sharing Results," at right), many among the 36 percent who chose "other" said they never have to present their savings or only do so if asked.

Now that corporate social responsibility is taking hold, planners are starting to track "green" savings. More than a quarter of the respondents (27 percent) monitor the money they save through measures such as paper reduction and the use of water pitchers instead of plastic bottles.



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