by Loren G. Edelstein | February 01, 2016

Planners learn about new hotels and destinations primarily by word of mouth, personal experience and articles in industry publications, according to M&C's latest research. In a seller's market, supplier relationships are more critical, say 59 percent of the 114 meeting professionals surveyed. For verbatim comments, go to 

How do you prefer to learn about new properties or destinations?

How do you prefer to network with meeting suppliers?

How have your supplier relationships changed in today's seller's market?

When working with a hotel, how important is your relationship with your:

For your meetings, how often do you choose hotels you have used previously?

 Almost always

61% Very often

27% Sometimes

5% Rarely

If a favorite hotel contact moved, would you consider bringing a meeting to the new property for that reason?

 Yes, definitely

86% Yes, if the property was right for my group

4% No, it would not influence my selection process

* For verbatim responses, go to
Source: M&C Research survey of 114 meeting professionals