by By Sarah J.F. Braley | January 01, 2011

Newsline Research pie chart columnIf you travel with a smartphone, an iPod Touch or an iPad, chances are you're using the mobile gadget to access at least your work e-mail. An online survey of 197 meeting planners conducted last month shows 95 percent use the device for business calls and/or e-mail, while 73 percent send work-related text messages.

Accessing business travel itineraries via smartphones is helpful for 45 percent of the sample, and 39 percent use them for navigating purposes while on the road.

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for some individual comments, as well as a roundup of meeting planners' favorite apps and some apps they wish existed.


 Newsline Research data chart


83% of respondents use a smartphone or other mobile device for work.

37% use a BlackBerry; 22 percent use an iPhone or iPod Touch, and 13 percent use an Android phone.

9% have had an app created for a meeting or event, and 24 percent plan to in the future.

App favorites include e-mail, Google and food finders like Urban Spoon and Yelp.