by Loren G. Edelstein | April 01, 2012
Newsline Research April 2012 pie 1In September 2004, when M&C asked meeting professionals if attendees drink too much at meetings, 76 percent said no. In a similar study this past February, just 36 percent told us overindulgence is not a problem. Furthermore, 11 percent think attendees have been drinking more in recent years. Liability for alcohol-related incidents is a concern for 79 percent of those polled. When planners attend events themselves, 4 percent admit they "absolutely" overindulge, and another 22 percent say they sometimes party hard. For verbatim comments:


Newsline Research April 2012 pie 222% have provided transportation for drunk attendees.

55% are "extremely" or "somewhat" concerned about hungover attendees skipping meetings. Another 51 percent are irked to see hungover participants in meetings.

11% of meeting planners believe attendees are drinking more than in past years; 58 percent haven't noticed any change.

3% of planners have dealt with legal issues arising from alcohol consumption at their events.  


Newsline Research April 2012 bar chart