by Sarah J.F. Braley | January 01, 2011

What follows are some of the write-in responses to the poll question "What is your favorite app for work?" For the results of M&C's "Smartphones at Work" research column, click here.

• E-mail (cited by six people)
• The dictation function (e.g., Voice Memos on iPhone; "for when I think of something on the road")
• Documents to Go (for handling MicroSoft Office documents; cited by two people)
• iSilo (business app for freelancers and contractors)
• Phone/texting
• Things (to-do list generator)
• Todo (to-do list generator)

• Conversion app for units and metric
• Meetings & Conventions
• Meeting Space Calc by UCLA Conferences

Social Networking
• HootSuite (a Twitter application)
• LinkedIn

Surfing the Web

• The browser (cited by three people)
• Google (cited by four people; "my favorite app for everything")

• The Delta app
• FlightTrack
• Flight Sites and AroundMe (for locating nearby services)
• Google maps
• Navigation/GPS (cited by three people)
• Travel itineraries
• TripTracker (pushes all itineraries)
• Urban Spoon (cited by three people)

• YouTube

• The Weather Channel (cited by two people)

And the following came in response to, "What app would you most like to have for work (whether it currently exists or not)?"

• Hotel floorplan app ("you can walk into a hotel and be able to pull floorplans up quickly and easily")
• Better ability to zoom attachments
• Ability to edit Excel and Word files
• Google
• GoToMyPC (remote access to office desktop)
• One that magnifies the screen
• Contact manager like CRM/Act/Infusionsoft
• "One that enables me to fully function on a daily basis!"
• A laser projection full-sized keyboard and display magnifier
• A seamless app for Outlook synching
• "I understand that there are several new apps for meeting planners on iPhone -- I'm just waiting for them to be brought to Android."
• Access to files on work network
• "I would love to be able to access my online registration on my phone. I don't have that capability now."
• "All Group Detail Resumes/Reports and BEOs on in standard format for all hotels and accessible via the web and via e-mail. Why not make changes on a board like Google, and everyone has the most current version?"
• Meeting applications
• "A comprehensive meeting planning app that integrates with our online registration system"
• "The ability to download my clients' conference agendas, etc., and communicate more in the future with the attendees"
• Printing via infrared
• Respond to inquiries and FAQs with an automated template
• "Too many to decide"
• The telephone
• Travel-related
• ManagEvents Database
• LogMeIn
• E-mail/text