by Loren G. Edelstein | May 01, 2014
Extra Answers

In general, how have your tipping practices for meetings changed in the past two years?

We are tipping more    11 % 
No change77% 
We are tipping less12% 

When do you distribute gratuities?

After the event90% 
During the event    23% 
Before the event6% 

In what form(s) do you pay gratuities?

Billed to master account    30% 
Gift cards18% 


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Patterns vary widely when doling out hotel gratuities

Tipping can be a tricky topic, confirmed a recent M&C poll. Of all the hotel personnel involved in meetings and events, tipping practices vary widely, revealed responses from 164 meeting professionals. Sixty percent of them routinely budget for tips, with 37 percent designating a flat fee per event. See our charts, below.