by Loren G. Edelstein | January 01, 2015

Meeting professionals tend to be loyal employees. In fact, 39 percent of the 179 respondents to a recent M&C poll have been in their current positions for 11 or more years. Just 16 percent would like to jump ship. Among reasons some might consider leaving, 43 percent cite a "bad boss." 

Would you recommend the meetings industry to young people starting their career?

46% Definitely
39% Probably
13% Not sure
2% No

Why have you remained in your current position?

69% Enjoyable work
64% Flexible environment
57% Good salary/benefits
49% Comfort with position
47% Great co-workers
42% Convenient location
39% Convenient hours
36% Great boss
28% Appreciation of boss/clients
22% Too busy to job hunt
14% Can't find another job
12% Adequate support
15% Other*

Why might you consider leaving?

 Seeking new challenges
43% Bad boss
41% Lack of appreciation
39% Want better salary/benefits
32% Inadequate support
29% Bored with current job
28% Lack of flexibility
25% Unpleasant tasks
20% Bad co-workers
16% Inconvenient location
14% Inconvenient hours
13% Lack of comfort with position
18% Other*

Source: M&C Research survey of 179 meeting professionals   

ILLUSTRATION: (meeting image)©iStock/akindo