by Loren G. Edelstein | August 01, 2016
Our August Research topic, "Stepping up Event Securitywas a hot topic that generated lots of verbatim comments. Here's what your peers told us.
Do you plan to implement additional security measures as a result of recent incidents?
• Will not reveal these strategies
• More security, more secure locations
• More event insurance and possible additional security
• Create awareness
• Looking at procedures; asking more questions about security preparedness of the facilities; potentially hiring additional security
• Hiring additional services/police instead of just using property security team
• Select meeting venues where law enforcement is excellent.
• Tightened risk action plans on-site with hotel
• Higher priority on secure venues. We already do very high security due to the nature of our meetings.
• Each individual situation will be looked at with all of these factors taken into consideration.
• Confirmed security for Jewish events
• Hiring private security
• Having a formal plan in place that all event staff know about
• Additional uniformed police at higher-risk events
• We have a detailed emergency plan to cover natural and unnatural incidents.
• More focus on finding out what security measures host venues have in place, hours the venue's security staff are on duty, proximity to police stations, etc.
• More off-duty officers
• Announcements at the beginning of the conference
• Currently debating where to move a meeting from Istanbul

Which of the following would you like to see at convention centers?
Metal detectors at entrance: 70%
Bag checks at entrance: 67%
Armed security inside: 56%
Armed security at entrance: 55%
Other: 16% (see below)

• I think it depends on the conference and location.
• Adding police, not ARMED GUARDS. Needs to be reassuring but someone people are comfortable with being around already
• Profiling: It's 90 degrees F outside, so why is this person wearing a hoodie?
• Metal detectors, bag checks, armed security at the dock - that is where security, I believe, is loosest; anyone could ship anything in. Also, bomb sniffing dogs are a good resource.
• Normal security is very good; not happy about feeling like a Communist country.
• Undercover security inside
• In general it seems that the security at convention centers is a joke. No one knows what the other is doing and their sole job is to make sure no one uses the wrong door. I would rather there be security there that actually has a clue about the layout of the building and what is happening there. Every time I have interacted with security at a convention center, they all give me blank stares and don't know the answer to any questions. I would NOT feel safe with them if there was any emergency situation, let alone an active shooter.
• Well-trained security personnel!
• Hire retired military to spot-check suspicious looking people; forget political correctness. Common sense and safety first!
• Plans in place for sheltering in place will be distributed to all groups who convey the information to individuals.

Which of the following would you like to see at airports? 
Armed security at entrance: 76%
Armed security inside: 76%
Metal detectors at entrance: 72%
Bag checks at entrance: 61%
Other: 18% (see below)

• What we have now but with more attention to details
• Multi-level security barriers from entrance to final step onto plane
• Undercover security inside
• More dogs. They are undervalued, and I think they do a better job than TSA.
• Remain as is
• Checkpoints back farther
• Limited access outside airports
• Better response to alarms and reports of "left luggage"
• Hire retired military to spot check suspicious looking people and can political correctness. Common sense and safety first!
• How about a process where people who are U.S. veterans, current or retired law enforcement or other rationally safe categories are processed through quicker? Researching terrorist or terrorist-like events and seeing what categories of people are NOT likely to be threats could improve the flow of traffic at venues. This doesn't mean that we eliminate those individuals from security checks...they simply get processed through quicker on the front end to speed everything and eliminate some of the traffic there.
• More rigorous scrutiny of airport employees
• Car checks before cars are permitted to drive up to entrances