by Michael J. Shapiro | April 25, 2018
BCD Meetings & Events has launched Simple Meetings, a self-service tool that allows customers to book smaller, straightforward meetings themselves. The platform grants access to a global-sourcing inventory, through which planners can book both meeting space and sleeping rooms. The secure, PCI-compliant tool can be configured to align with a company's meeting and travel policies. There are no limits placed on the number of meetings and sleeping rooms booked via Simple Meetings.
"Simple Meetings gives users the power of choice when booking a meeting," said Jeannie Griffin, vice president of product and technology solutions at BCD M&E. "Our tool puts the booking power in their hands so they can source, within compliance, the meeting space and sleeping rooms that fit their unique needs. While cost savings and compliance are still critical for our clients, they need tools that empower their employees to book meetings according to their needs without sacrificing access to data and the service we bring to the table."
While Simple Meetings is proprietary to BCD M&E, it does use some third-party components, according to Griffin; the organization isn't naming the third party at this time, however. The platform provides access to the global-sourcing inventory in more than 28 languages. It is part of BCD M&E's MeetingSource platform, and it can be used with a variety of flexible product and service packages, which include various levels of custom reporting, training, on-boarding assistance and consulting.