by Michael C. Lowe | April 03, 2013

 The Center for Exhibition Industry Research issued a new report Tuesday detailing attendee behaviors at exhibitions. The study, called Attracting Attendees, helps readers explore attendee preferences and understand how best to attract and engage attendees to an exhibition or to visit a booth. The report shows that 94 percent of attendees surveyed engage in pre-planning activities, such as choosing or registering to attend education sessions, searching the exhibitor directory, or registering to attend special events. Additionally, 70 percent of attendees still use printed exhibition catalogs while only 24 percent used a mobile version of the program, though the report notes that people might not be using app or mobile versions of the catalogs because of their limited availability at the exhibitions attended by those surveyed. The report can be found on the CEIR website; it is free for members and $49 for non-members.