by Michael C. Lowe | March 04, 2015
The Center for Exhibition Industry Research has released its latest report, The Marketing Spend Decision. The study examines channel spending by business-to-business exhibitors across all exhibition industry sectors. According to the report, organizations that participate in business-to-business exhibitions allocate an average of 41 percent of their marketing budget for these events, more than they spend on any other channel. The survey also sheds light on:

• Top-ranked important objectives for exhibiting;
• Success metrics to evaluate the outcome of exhibiting;
• Marketing spend allocation across all marketing channels;
• Number of exhibitions participated in 2012 and projections through 2015;
• Typical booth sizes from 2012 and projections through 2015, and 
• Median spending per exhibition estimate.

The survey can be downloaded free for members from the CEIR Website; the report costs $99 for nonmembers.