by Michael C. Lowe | September 08, 2015
The exhibition industry posted a year-over-year gain of 3.8 percent during the second quarter of 2015, according to data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. The news marks the 20th consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth and the second-highest increase since the second quarter of 2007. It's also the second consecutive quarter that the exhibition industry outperformed the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

"The second-quarter results are very promising," said CEIR Economist Allen Shaw, Ph.D, chief economist for Global Economic Consulting Associates. "They show that the exhibition industry is in a solid position for robust growth this year." All four metrics were up, including revenues, which rose by an impressive 6.1 percent, while net square footage increased by 3.6 percent, professional attendance rose by 3.1 percent and exhibitors were up by 2.6 percent.