by Lisa A. Grimaldi | January 11, 2018
"Legacy" will be the talking point of the IMEX Group's 2018 events, according to CEO Carina Bauer, left.
In explaining the chosen focus, Bauer said, "While the meetings and events industry has been evolving over the past five years, we've seen a shift away from planning an event around a 'single moment in time' toward planning an event with longer-lasting, more meaningful impacts - impacts that can be seen long after the event has ended. That impact could be on the attendees, the host community, the local innovation economy, the destination partners, the city leadership, the environment or many other areas."
She added: "Developments in technology and, of course, social media, have allowed meeting and event planners to exploit and generate memory, meaning and value far beyond just one meeting or event. Put this together with the emergence of a younger generation of planners and suppliers who have a strong sense of mission and purpose, of making a positive difference through their work, and it becomes clear how 'legacy' has developed and become our talking point." 
IMEX will address five different angles of legacy over the next 12 months: political legacy; knowledge legacy and social impact; CSR legacy; environmental legacy, and personal legacy. Two research reports, case studies and education sessions at both the IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America trade shows will explore the topics.
The IMEX Group launched its initial annual talking point, Purposeful Meetings, in 2017.