by Kaylee Hultgren | February 24, 2010

Team San Jose, which operates the convention and event facilities in San Jose, Calif., has altered its exclusive labor policy, which industry officials and labor organizations have opposed since its implementation last summer. As a result of talks between Team San Jose and the decorator community, decorators have been given the option to either contract labor directly or through Team San Jose. The Exhibitor Services & Contractors Association has expressed its approval of the modification, adding that several summits between Team San Jose and industry stakeholders have begun to focus on San Jose as an exhibition-friendly destination. "Over the last two months, we've been working with [the decorators] on how to mutually serve our goals," said Dan Fenton, president and CEO of Team San Jose. "We agreed that they would be able to enter into direct agreements with local Teamsters instead of going through us, which will allow them to have more sense of where the dollars are."