March 21, 2018
In a rapidly changing marketing landscape, what constitutes "good" marketing remains a mystery to many event organizers. To help host organizations crack the code, the Center Exhibition Industry Research has launched a new series of reports focused on event marketing.

Titled "How to Grow Attendance," the new series will comprise four reports to be published throughout 2018. The first, "Report One: Planning and Goal Setting that Positions Efforts for Success," published this week, documents the most popular approaches event organizers use to reach potential attendees, discusses event organizers' biggest marketing challenges and presents the strategies that are most successful at generating growth.

The bottom-line conclusion: While approaches vary, those who are successful focus on achieving goals and metrics that are defined at the outset of a marketing campaign.
"The 'How to Grow Attendance' series offers a lifeline to attendee marketers who may feel overwhelmed by today's fast-changing marketing environment," said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden. "This research offers a roadmap of the most popular marketing approaches and, most importantly, which characteristics are tied to success in growing attendance. Attendee-marketing teams can use these tools to evaluate what they are doing and develop ways to enhance the outcome of their efforts."

The remaining reports in the series will be: "Part Two: Marketing Channel Mix and Other Tactics that Drive Growth," "Part Three: Messaging that Resonates and Delivers," and "Part Four: Plans on Where to Improve Approach in Near-term Future." The first part of the series is available at no cost for members, $99 for nonmembers.