by The Associated Press | May 01, 2018
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - An audit has found a number of security vulnerabilities at Philadelphia's main train station, including that it can't be locked in the event of an emergency because staffers don't have the keys. The audit of 30th Street Station was conducted by Amtrak's inspector general.
Among the findings:
• An inspection last November found a number of the station's doors can't be locked because they either don't have locks or staff doesn't have keys.
• Other lapses include a code on a gate allowing access to the train yard that had not been changed in 20 years.
• The yard also has broken fencing and open entrances.
• Auditors found a boat and a sports car being stored in the train yard. Neither is owned by Amtrak.
On Monday, local Amtrak officials told WCAU-TV they have "already started to address the identified security vulnerabilities."