by Loren G. Edelstein | July 20, 2017

Uber for Business is targeting meetings business though two programs: Uber Central, a dispatch tool that allows one arranger to order cars for for multiple customers or employees; and Uber Events, which gives participants the freedom to come and go on demand -- and on someone else's dime.

"We did this with an event yesterday here in Boston," said Peter Jonas of San Francisco-based Uber for Business, during an interview with M&C. "We had someone dispatching cars to VIPs directly to an event from a single iPad."

With Uber Events, "Planners give out a unique code to attendees that bills back to the host organization up to the allowable amount," Jonas said. "The events product has been out for a while, but it's still in the early stages of use. Uber Central just relaunched on the Uber for Business platform in April," he added, noting that the company is trying to amp up visibility.
Corporate clients have access to a dashboard showing all employee activities and locations, with real-time information on rides in progress.
Uber Eats, a food order and delivery system, also has clear potential for small groups. "We are evaluating whether it will be built into the Business platform," said Jonas.
The company historically has found solutions based on what's driving customer experience. For example, because business travelers were using Uber with increasing frequency, the company established an interface with Concur for expense management. "The company just has to opt into it," said Jonas, "It's as simple as making a decision to link to Concur -- literally by checking a box."
While Uber now has "super early saturation for the events market," said Jonas. "Pickup has been enthusiastic, and our events are successful. The best part is the ideas that have come out of it and the possibility for us to build in new opportunities for the events world."