July 22, 2016

A newly expanded partnership between rideshare app Uber and expense management platform Concur will make it easier for companies to control and reduce their spending on ground transportation for business travelers, the companies announced this week at the Global Business Travel Association annual convention in Denver.

Launched in 2014, Uber's "Uber for Business" platform works similar to its signature offering: Employers create a business account online, register a payment method of choice, then add employees to their account. Once added, employees can access their corporate account within the Uber app, toggling between their business and personal accounts as needed. Administrators, meanwhile, can access metrics such as number of trips and total spend.

Uber for Business has integrated with Concur, an SAP company, since day one. Under the companies' newly expanded collaboration, however -- which will take effect in the fourth quarter -- Concur customers will receive free access to Uber for Business features from inside the Concur platform, along with automated employee onboarding, policy controls, savings performance, and trip summary dashboards. Concur customers such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and McKinsey & Co. will automatically receive data about business trips taken, which according to Concur will give them increased visibility into their ground transportation spending so they can implement strategies to reduce it.

"Our average enterprise customer expenses almost $1 million in ground transportation annually and about 7 percent of that is with Uber today. By shifting more spend to Uber, these companies stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Concur President Elena Donio. "We've seen almost 230 percent growth in Uber transactions in the past year, and with this integration, we expect to see that growth accelerate as we help companies leverage the benefits of Uber as part of their travel program."

Added Uber Chief Business Officer Emil Michael, "This strategic partnership will offer enterprise clients seamless access and enhanced reporting for Uber for Business through Concur, providing companies an innovative travel solution that offers unprecedented control, visibility, and cost savings in global ground travel. We are excited to build towards the future of business travel management in partnership with SAP/Concur and to continue to revolutionize the ways people move."

Uber's new integration with Concur will launch in the fourth quarter.