by Michael J. Shapiro | July 14, 2010

Travel managers are calling for more government oversight on ancillary airline fees, according to survey results released yesterday by the Business Travel Coalition. BTC chairman Kevin Mitchell will provide testimony today at a U.S. House Transportation Subcommittee on Aviation hearing regarding those fees. According to the research, 100 percent of the 188 travel managers surveyed, representing 11 countries, said that airline unbundling and extra fees have caused serious problems for their managed travel programs. In addition, 86 percent of travel managers believe that without government regulation, the airlines will not make a fair, adequate and readily accessible disclosure of these extra fees to enable valid comparisons among prices across various carriers. Nearly all travel managers (95 percent) support the proposal that the U.S. Department of Transportation require airlines to make the ancillary-fee data available and easily accessible through any global distribution system in which that airline participates. According to Mitchell, it’s important to note that these travel managers are typically against government intervention in the marketplace, and that the results underscore their need for change and distrust that the airlines will be forthcoming with data if left to their own devices. Full survey results may be found at