by Michael C. Lowe | July 13, 2011

Leaders from the Machinery Movers, Riggers & Machinery Erectors Local 136 have agreed to work with McCormick Place under the state-imposed labor rules that recently were thrown out by a federal judge. The new three-year pact follows the work-rule changes laid out by the General Assembly last year that allowed exhibitors to do more work on their own booth setup and limited overtime pay and crew sizes. The contract, which is in effect retroactively to July 1, will raise hourly rates by $1 the first year, $1.25 the second, and $1.50 the third, and covers 328 riggers responsible for moving equipment and freight in and out of the convention hall. The Riggers are one of five major trade unions working at McCormick place. It was the carpenters and Teamsters unions who challenged the state-imposed work rules and won. McCormick Place is appealing the decision made by the federal court.