by Sarah J.F. Braley | November 17, 2010

On Tuesday, Hyatt hotel housekeepers in eight U.S. cities filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, reporting repetitive motion and other injuries sustained on the job. According to Unite Here, the hotel workers' union, the complaints recommend remedies to reduce the risks associated with housekeeping, including the use of fitted sheets to reduce the number of times that person must lift 100-plus pound mattresses to tuck sheets, long-handled mops and dusters, and reasonable room quotas. "Unite Here is making false charges about our work environment in hotels where we are currently trying to negotiate new union contracts," Robb Webb, Hyatt's chief human resources officer, said in a statement to Reuters. The eight cities mentioned are Chicago; Honolulu; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Long Beach, Calif.; San Antonio; San Francisco; and Santa Clara, Calif.