by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | September 01, 2007

At its annual convention held in Philadelphia this past June, the Atlanta-based Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association unveiled a new certification designed exclusively for health-care exhibit marketing professionals.

Developed by the Chicago-based Trade Show Exhibitors Association in conjunction with HCEA, the new Certi-f-ied Manager of ExhibitsÐHealthcare grew out of the need for exhibitors who work in the highly regulated world of medical meetings to have a designation that addressed their unique needs.

“We had seen a lot of interest among our members for a health-care-specific certification program for exhibit managers who work at medical conventions,” said Jennifer Palcher-Silliman, a spokesperson for HCEA.

Similar to a CME, the new CME/H carries a $100 enrollment fee and takes about three years to complete. Participants must earn a minimum of 92 continuing education units out of a possible 170 in order to receive the professional

Participants at HCEA events earn two CEU points for every 10 hours of education, and one point per 10 hours at other education
programs. As with the standard CME, TSEA will administer and coordinate the CME/H program, and HCEA members who already are enrolled in the CME program are allowed to apply their credits earned toward achieving the new certification.

“Our members are very excited. Finally, we have a professional certification that specifically addresses what they do,” said Palcher-Silliman.