by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | December 01, 2005

According to the National Business Travel Association’s “2006 Business Travel Overview Forecast,” based on an online poll of 130 respondents, overall travel management costs will rise by 9 percent in the coming year. The highest single increase likely will be in hotel daily rates, which are forecasted to rise by 9 percent; airfares are projected to climb by 6 percent, and car rental rates by 5 percent.
    What follows are some characteristics of survey respondents and their predictions for travel spend in 2006.

93% will book fewer luxury hotels in favor of mid-class properties.
88% are using an online booking tool.
73% believe their hotel spend will increase due to higher rates.
51% have a mandated company travel policy.
50% expect to spend more on air travel.
41% expect their hotel spend to increase due to an increase in the
number of trips taken.
31% likely will spend more on air travel because of an increase in
the number of travelers.