by Sarah J.F. Braley | April 01, 2011


In March,
Hilton Worldwide and Unite Here, the union representing hotel workers, reached new agreements in Chi­cago, San Francisco and Honolulu.

According to the labor organization, about 4,000 hotel employees will get wage increases, and workloads for housekeepers will be reduced. The agreements also include measures to improve job stability. Contracts had expired in Chicago and San Francisco in August 2009 and in Honolulu in June 2010.

Hyatt Hotels and Starwood Worldwide remain in negotiations with the union in those cities, and all three hotel companies still are bargaining in Los Angeles, where contracts expired in November 2009.  

Don't expect Hyatt to sign deals anytime soon, however. "There have been very few bargaining sessions in the four major markets," said Doug Patrick, senior vice president of human resources, North America, for Hyatt. "I think Hilton was willing to agree to terms that the other chains are not willing to."

A spokesperson for Unite Here Local 11 in Los Angeles, where the union is bargaining with 25 hotels individually, shared a different perspective: "We are making progress," she said.