by Lisa Grimaldi | July 01, 2006

With fuel prices soaring to record highs, gasoline gift cards are becoming a hot corporate gift idea.
    Indeed, gas card sales are booming, according to Pam Gerhardt, senior vice president of marketing at SVM, a Des Plaines, Ill.-based firm that specializes in gift cards for the incentives market. “We’ve had interest in the past few months from new industries and companies that want to use the cards for rewards, employee recognition and appreciation.”
    Gerhardt also noted that SVM, which co-brands gift cards for major gas companies, is now selling very few for less than $50 (cards are available in increments of $15, $25, $50, $100 and more).
    Among SVM’s new clients is the Houston-based Methodist Hospital System; in May, the organization rewarded its 10,000 staff members with Chevron gift cards valued at $250.
    “Rising gas prices were brought up by employees during our past two company meetings,” said a spokesperson for Methodist Hospital. “This was a way to show them our appreciation.”