by Lisa Grimaldi | June 01, 2004
Elevated levels of employee motivation translate into a 53 percent reduction in employee turnover in the hospitality industry, according to a new survey sponsored by the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives Foundation in New York City.
    The survey gleaned information from 464 employees at hotels and fast-food restaurants in the Orlando area. It is the first part of a multi-phase research project that will form the basis of the SITE Foundation Motivation Index, a national gauge of the impact of employee motivation on economic performance in the service sector.
    Among the other findings:
    " Hospitality suppliers had a 17.5 percent lower turnover rate where employees said they felt supported by their organizations, compared with places where employees perceived management as less supportive.
    " Employees who feel good about their jobs tend to persist longer at their tasks, exert more effort and are less likely to leave.